Pasta Recipe By Indrani Basu

Pasta is a staple food of traditional Italian cuisine and I am sure that all of you love pasta, especially when it’s homemade. So, I thought of sharing the recipe of Penne Arrabiata-Pasta with you all, which means, that from next time whenever you feel like having pasta, you can make it yourself. Let me tell you, it’s pretty simple and easy to cook.

These are the things which you need.


Penne pasta

Tomato puree

Chopped bell pepper

Chopped babycorn



Chilli flakes

Parmesan cheese


Cooking time: 15 minutes


Hit the pan and put some olive oil. Then add some chopped garlic and toss it. After that add the vegetables along with babycorn and add the boiled pasta. Then add the tomato puree, some pepper and salt. Mix it well. Finally add the grated cheese and oregano to enhance the taste. You can sprinkle some chilli flakes on top of it.

Your pasta is ready.

You can enjoy this pasta with garlic bread.


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