List of 10 popular food items of Kolkata by Samhati Bhattacharjya

Kolkata can be termed as “The Paradise of Food”. You must be wondering why am I saying this. This is because, Kolkata is a city where you can get all the different types of food, you name it and you will get it. But, here is a list of ten popular food items of Kolkata which one must surely try when he visits this place.

1. Rosogolla


I am sure that you have heard about rasgullas all your life. But, if you are in Kolkata and you haven’t had roshogollas in Kolkata, then what’s the point?

2. Phuchka


These tiny water-bombs with spice and masala dipped in tetul-jol, called phuchka, are probably the cheapest, yet filling item you can find on the streets of Kolkata. You might think you’ll stop after having 4 but once you start, it is that difficult to leave it.

3. Fish Fry

Das Vegetarier-Schnitzel

A fish fry is a kind of dish containing battered or breaded fried fish. It is generally served with kashundi (mustard sauce) or tomato sauce. It is really mouth-watering!

4. Ghugni


If it’s evening time and you are hungry, then you must try this famous evening snack called ghugni. This is one of the yummy street foods of Kolkata consisting dried yellow peas or dried white peas with gravy.

5. Telebhaja


This is the perfect snack with cha ranging from peyaji, alu’r chop, beguni, phuluri, bandhakopir chop to a variety of crunchy, besan (corn-flour) covered street food! Only one is just not enough, you have to try them all.

6. Moghlai Paratha


Moghlai porota are the deep fried parathas stuffed with egg and minced meat generally served with mouth-watering, tasty gravy with juicy pieces of meat, what we call as kasha mangsho is every meat lover’s paradise.

7. Jhalmuri


Muri (puffed rice) mixed with mustard oil, onion, coconut, peanuts, coriander and other spices is termed as jhalmuri. It is an appetizing snack common in every street-corner of Kolkata.

8. Kolkatar Biriyani

Many people wonder what is so special about Kolkatar Biriyani! Well, if you are not a bong it’s a bit difficult for you to understand the speciality.


A unique smell of desi ghee mixed with rich masalas and spices along with juicy, tender pieces of mutton, potato and boiled egg cooked in rice and tava, is what we call as Kolkatar Biriyani. But, people who are still not convinced should taste it, in order to believe it.

9. Karaishutir Kachuri


Karaishutir kachuri is one of the popular dishes of Kolkata. These are fried, peas-stuffed puris. These are often served with tasty and spicy alur dom.

10. Mishti Doi


This mishti doi is a perfect blend of milk and sugar, which can beat any sort of frozen yogurt one can ever have.


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