The diary of a travelling girl

– By Angana Sengupta

Sun, sand, tan, beach, beer, water sports, food, music, shacks, serenity, what else do you need for a weekend getaway? If you have these, you have it all. And the icing on the cake is that you don’t even have to create a dent in your pockets to get all these. Yes! Yes! Yes! You heard me right, you can get this package at around rupees 2500 for 2 nights and 3 days tour. If you are looking for a mixture of adventure and fun then Gokarna is your destination. You can’t believe your eyes well even I did not until and unless I experienced it myself.

It was one of those evenings when I was thinking that what I should do next. There was no assignment, no deadlines to meet and most importantly no movies to watch. And it’s always said that an idle mind is a devils workshop, which presumably I didn’t want my mind to become. Thus all the devils came together and came up with this fantastic plan of going off to Gokarna to have our devilish laughter well heard.

Bags packed, sunscreen taken, shades on, flip flops worn, shorts taken, and tees taken, we left for our destination. Since we stayed in Bangalore, the easiest way to go to Gokarna was to take a night bus. We reached Majestic and guess what; one of our friends was still packing his bags. Thankfully the bus got late and he could take the bus. It took us ten hours of constant singing and chatting to reach or destination.


From the bus stop we took an auto and went over to Kudle beach. We thought that as we travelled for ten hours we would feel all tired and worn out but the very first sight of the beach tempted us to jump into it. So we found a shack for us which were not much of a task as all the shacks are on the beach. Got ourselves lodged and then came the shock. Bloody hell it’s just 250 rupees for a night?  Are you kidding me?

English breakfast by the beach side- don’t you think you have already reached your paradise? After the breakfast it was time for some sun bathing and dives. So dumping all our belongings with our friend, who I don’t know why she came to the beach if she was so scared, we jumped into the water. It was one of those moments when you derive serenity and pleasure at the same time. All we did that day was eat, drink, sun bathe and repeat. By the evening, we took a boat to another beach named Om Beach.


Now why is the beach named Om? The obvious answer is because of its shape. It is one of the cleanest beaches in Gokarna. And the boat ride to the beach on the verge of a setting sun is like you have a complete beauty surrounding you. It’s like your life has gone a full cycle. After that when we got back to Kudle we saw the entire beach was it up with small led lights that was defining one café from another, one shack from another.

What do you think you need after an eventful day? Sleep definitely but don’t you think that a bottle of beer, an open sky filled with stars and some good music with a bonfire- you wouldn’t be complaining? Isn’t it? So after such an amazing day a peaceful sleep and yes, you are all charged up for your next day.

It was the sound of the waves that woke me up. I decided to go for a walk myself as sleeping for just four hours was not something that my friends would adore. And thank god I decided to do so as I got to see the most amazing sun rise of my life. The cafes were brewing fresh coffee and the aroma filled the air. Just when you think that life is peaceful you have these friends of yours who make your life chaotic. I just turned back when I heard my friend blasting on her guy only because he was caught staring at a firangi. Poor guy!

So when everything was sorted out, and with every lazy bum up, we decided to go for water sports on Om beach. Parasailing and banana boat ride are the specialties of this beach. But, yes you need to be a real sport. Just go with the flow. After a day filled with water sports, tired and exhausted, we got back to our shacks. The beach had many stalls where people were selling jewellery made out of shells. So we shopped and finally went off to bed.

How do you feel when your vacation comes to an end and you need to go back to your same monotonous life? I feel terrible no doubt. So the time had come for us to get back to our normal life of deadlines. We boarded the evening bus and reached Bangalore the next day early morning. Nothing had changed only the colour of our skin had gone dark. But what remained with us was that feeling of love, togetherness and craziness which united us.


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