An Interview with the Gen-Y Jewellery Designer

The young and enthusiastic Tsukanya Majumdar tells us how her hobby is an avenue for her creativity and gives her a feeling of self-independence. She creates magic through her designs and believes in her passion to rule the world.


1. When and how did you start designing jewellery?

Tsukanya: Designing jewellery was a school time hobby of me and my elder sister. We made random jewellery for ourselves, out of scrap beads bangles for school cultural activities. In the first year of my college, I made few pieces which were appreciated by Neha Panda. Then I took it to another level of experimenting and creating which gave birth to new designs and concepts.

2. Did you take any training or did any professional course for this?

Tsukanya: No, I did not have to.

3.  Are your designs inspired by something or someone?

Tsukanya: Yes, a lot of somethings and someones. Nature, colours, people, traditions inspire me.


4. Do you follow the recent trends or make your own?

Tsukanya: A bit of both.

5.  Among your designs is there any particular design which is the most special and why is it so?
Tsukanya: The Junk Dream catchers are very special to me. The Dream catchers are legendary objects. I have crafted them to fuse in the concept of past in a present look. A lot of people are appreciating the designs.


6. Which part of your work drives you nuts? 

Tsukanya: Oh, yes! The Delivery part of it. Sometimes I feel like a pizza delivery woman running out of time.

7. What is your greatest fear about this work or position?

Tsukanya: There is no fear. But, other jewellery start-ups blindly copying my concepts is not what I would do if I were them. But it’s good to know people are getting inspired. I hope I can continue with what I am doing.

1511698_357386417767511_5355064247550724590_o (1)

8. Which person do you consider as your idol and inspiration?

Tsukanya: Both my parents are exceptionally creative. They are the source of my inspiration.

9. What do you think about women entrepreneurship?
Tsukanya: It gives a wide scope to manage everyday life with more determination to carry out the perceived vision. There is nothing like being your own boss . This is Eve’s era. Be confident and do your own thing.


10. How difficult it is for a woman to work in our society?

Tsukanya: There is still a glass ceiling for women when it comes to corporate environment and may be that is why we see more and more women starting their own ventures. It will take some time for the barrier to dissolve totally…so till then be determined to give your best shot at whatever you do.

11. Have you ever felt any difficulty in your way of creativity?
Tsukanya: Yes, of course! I go nuts when I don’t get the resources from the market. Since I do not craft the materials used myself, depending on the market is a restriction.

12. What are your future plans?
Tsukanya: Nothing planned but I hope to make jewellery for men and also keep a wide range of unisex products.


13. Any advice you would like to give to our readers?
Tsukanya: Yes, If you like my work do share it. I do not own a store, so as of now social media is the only scope. I would be eternally grateful to you for sharing my work. And also “To the stoners – let art overpower the world. Spread positive vibes to each soul. To the non stoners- keep a stoner in your company.” 🙂

Tsukanya can be reached on her Facebook page


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