The vanishing wooden ceilings

– By Radhika Vasanth

Summer sure is a Pandora’s Box, with the heat taking over the evil in it. This summer, the sweaty you is the new you. You like it or not, you don’t really have a choice.

Sitting in my oven-like room and when in the process of being baked, I realised it was not only the sun who was the culprit, it was the ceiling too! If only I could replace it, or have a ceiling-less room! That wouldn’t be possible. What if I had a wooden ceiling instead?

Wooden ceilings work as a natural Air-Conditioner.  I wonder how people decades ago, my ancestors, discovered that! Or was it just the availability of the resource which led to the roof over their heads?


This isn’t about me wanting to or not wanting to give credits to my ancestors. It’s about wooden ceilings that would’ve made me less sweaty and save on my electricity bills. Seriously!

Wooden ceilings keep the temperature in a room stable, across all seasons. Because wood is a bad conductor of heat. They also protect us from the electromagnetic radiation that’s emitted from our mobile phones. How cool is that!

The wooden ceilings are vanishing. Now, is that good or bad? We of course are saving trees by choosing cement ceilings, but aren’t we killing trees for better living?

Economic development or economic growth, whatever you choose to call it, has not only altered our way of life but also the ceilings over our heads. Wood to cement, now that’s some journey!


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