Living simple – different ways of home decor

– By Angana Sengupta

“Your house is a place anyone would love to live in,” and again a smile broke onto my face. Doesn’t your heart also wait for such compliments? Well trust me; my house is just like any other house. The only difference might be that I believe in recycling and reusing things. Thus my house is not only colourful but holds too many memories. Want to know how? Well here are some tips you can use while decorating your house.

1. Colour

Why not paint your own walls? Have you ever thought of it? Instead of hiring people to get the walls painted try painting it yourself. The memories connected with it will reflect in the house itself. Choose your favourite colours and paint your hands. Leave a hand print on the wall to mark your space.


2. Cushion covers

That old saree of yours which you were thinking to throw off can be easily made into a beautiful cushion cover by matching it with the paint and curtains. Ikkat sarees even cotton sarees make good cushion covers. One can also make blanket covers out of it.


3. Rugs

Tattered torn clothes when stitched together with different colours can become beautiful rugs which you can use under that coffee or tea-table of yours. Instead of throwing the old clothes away, mix and match the colours and combine them and stitch it with a border or embroidery and there you are spellbound.


4. Lampshade

Those old news papers which you were thinking of selling off can be transformed into beautiful lampshades. Cut them into the shape of a shed and put it over the lamp. Switch on the light and there will be reflections of the fonts on the walls. The feeling of living in a place of news too makes you feel important.


5. Lights

Partied over the weekend hence have at least a few beer bottles? Take out the stickers from the bottles, wash it properly and then put small lights in the bottles together and keep it in the corner. Keep three bottles together at the corner and after a long tiring day when you get back home and want to relax just switch those lights on and dream on…


6. Photographs

Instead of having photo frames just in your bedroom, let them tell the story of your life from the entrance itself. Along with the nameplate attach a small family photograph on the door which you can change every week if you want. This will actually give you a feel of being at a very cozy abode. Have your pictures on the walls of the drawing-room grilled into the wall with wooden frames. Even better if you have some monochrome pictures, fix them in wooden frames and place them in the wall in a haphazard manner. You yourself will relive every memory, every day.


Now you know why everyone loves my home. It does not take much to make an apartment of four walls into a home. It’s up to you how you want to portray your own house. At the end of the day, comfort matters.


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