Some creative chit-chat with Abheri Sen, the creator of MYRA

If you have the passion to do something, then you need not have a professional training in order to that. Yes, of course all these trainings are an added advantage but if you don’t have that, don’t be upset; just follow your heart. And that’s what Abheri Sen, a young and enthusiastic jewellery designer has done. She has created her own identity, Myra.


1. When and how did you start designing jewellery?
Abheri: Making little accessories like wristlets and anklets made me happy since my schooldays. I made them for my friends and I loved wearing them myself as well. MYRA was born after a long series of thoughts, yet pretty quickly, towards the end of 2014.


2. Did you take any training or did any professional course for this?
Abheri: No, not yet.

3. Are your designs inspired by something or someone?
Abheri: Nothing specific.


4. Do you follow the recent trends or do you make your own?
Abheri: I am pretty old school when it comes to fashion, usually not knowing what is trending or what is ‘in.’ You will not find the very conventional jewellery pieces in MYRA. And if they are conventional, I make sure I add a twist to make it different from the rest!


5. What drives you the most?
Abheri: When I see people wearing jewellery from MYRA and that making them stand out in a crowd.

6. Among your designs, is there any particular design that is very special to you? If yes, then why?
Abheri: It may sound very clichéd, but every MYRA creation is very special to me. Each and every handmade piece is crafted with utmost care. Every ceramic and metallic piece is carefully created by trained artisans.


7. How do you balance time with your academics?

Abheri: Extensive time management.

8. What is your greatest fear about this work?
Abheri: My greatest fear is my personal limitations.

9. Which person do you consider your idol and inspiration?

Abheri: My parents. They are the major source of inspiration in different ways.


10. What are your future plans?

Abheri: I want to make MYRA an inseparable part of people’s lives.

11. Any advice you would like to give to our readers?

Abheri: Think BIG! 🙂

If you wish to check out the collection at MYRA, you can visit the official Facebook Page, “MYRA”.


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