Colour schemes for your girl’s bedroom

– By Samhati Bhattacharjya

Are you thinking of painting your girl’s bedroom? Then this will surely help you to make your choices. Different colours stir up different moods and thus, one has to be very careful while deciding the paint colour of their child’s room especially if it’s a teenage girl. Colour is very useful in creating a theme and expressing personality, which makes various hues vital tools for styling a teen girl’s room. But just as no two colours are the same, no two teenage girls are the same. So let her convey her design style through colours. For your guidance here are few colour schemes which you can use for ‘her’ room.

Neon Colours:

Neon is the new trend for the youngsters. These colours are energetic, vibrant and very lively. Girls who are competitive by nature and are very spirited would love these neon colours. But one should be very careful while using neon colours, because if the room is flooded with neon colours it will look horrendous. You can use a bright colour on the main or focal wall or the wall behind the bed. Then, splash around a second and maybe a third one. Use neon colours, such as violet with white and ivory or orange with aqua and lime, by covering the drawer fronts, the door with fabrics or colour blocks of paint.

images (1)

Pastel Colours:

Pastel colours can be used for girls who are a bit shy and reserved. These colours are often loved by the “girly girls”. With white paint you can use pastel hues since white always allows them to have presence or stand out. You can give a layer of light pink, soft yellow or pale blue-painted or wallpapered walls with white furniture. But avoid the babyish designs.


Metallic Colours:

Many people have this idea that metallic colours are always associated with boys, but that’s not true. Metallic colours are more ‘rock n roll’ type. It can easily be used to decorate a girl’s room. In order to create a metal-based theme, one should look for metal or wooden artworks, metallic curtain tiebacks and beds with metal designs. For the walls, you can use the metallic or shinny paints like golden, silver or bronze.


Neutral Colours:

Neutral colours are very close to nature. These colours are best for girls who love nature and like to experiment with its styles. Soothing colours like earthy brown, beige, gray and ivory will be perfect for your girl who spends more time in her own world than shopping. Keep it simple, with nature inspired shells and branches as decor. Antique things can be used with this kind of room decor.


While selecting a theme, one should consider the hobbies and sports carefully as these extremely appreciated by the teens. Apart from these few colour schemes, Stripes, checks, and mural designs are also known to work very well on the walls.


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