Six Handmade Articles For Your Mom on Mother’s Day

– By Garima Jayaswal

Don’t gift her and love her because it’s Mother’s day. Gift her, love her and appreciate her because she is a Mother.

When I was a kid, I used to steal mom’s makeup, her perfume, her dupatta and her heels, pretend to be her or somewhat like her and parade  around the house in her absence. Looking closely at my small innocent face, I found pieces of mom’s face. “You have her eyes” ; “You have her smile” they said. Hearing such things while growing up made me really happy, I looked up to my Mom, she was beautiful. I have always envisioned her as a woman with the most heart-warming smile. I vividly remember her standing amidst friends and family, with that kind glance and the smile, wrapped in elegance, she seemed to have radiated charm and warmth. I stood there quietly in a corner, gazing at her with pride, “someday I’ll be just like her”.

I have always remembered her that way until the day of my graduation. I wore her saree, it was déjà vu. I was a spitting image of her. I looked at the mirror and I could see the same round innocent staring at me, that I saw all those years ago. Something had changed between now and then. It was a sudden epiphany. My physical appearance and demeanour are similar to hers but am I like her? Beneath that heart-warming smile there are sacrifices, behind that kind glance there is pain endured over the years, beneath those wrinkles there is experience and wisdom but the reason behind the incandescent aura is strength. Strength to put your family before you, strength to give up what matters to you for your family. Strength to mother children into full-grown adults. Strength to give and only give and not demand the same. Motherhood is strength.

This mother’s day, make your mother feel appreciated and loved, with six easy quick handmade fixes.

1. Make breakfast and serve in bed: There is no off day for a mother, but there can be an off chores day! Treat your mom special with a nice breakfast spread in bed. You can always earn brownie points on presentation. Spice it up with tea and fresh flowers and make her day.

PS: Don’t forget to clean the kitchen.

2. Give the kitchen mugs a makeover: Those white dull coffee mugs have a lot more potential! Take a deep trough and fill it with normal water, take your or your mom’s used or unused nail polish and pour it on the water. Take the white porcelain mugs and dip it water for three seconds and pull it back up. Voila! Designer mugs! Try shapes and mixing colours for more fun.

3. Make a photo-album timeline with sweet messages: Collect all your old pictures and arrange it according to chronology. Then insert the pictures inside the photo albums and leave nice messages about the picture or memory on the adjacent page. Give mom a walk down the memory lane.

4. Make a handmade make up or jewellery box: Who loves organisation more than moms? So get your creative juices flowing with a makeup box. Using card board make a one or two tiered make up box, with divisions for brushes, eyeliners, lipsticks etc. or make a jewellery box for her to keep earrings and chains together. You can even make a bangle stand for her dressing table.

5. Use recycled jam jars to make her a mini garden: Use the empty jam jars, wine bottles and other glass jars to plant flowers or herbs. Planting herbs is very useful as it has cooking use and well aesthetics. You can use glass paint and glitter to glam up the bottles.

6. Plan a get-together: Moms has always been very pro-active with planning out our birthday parties and outings. Plan a garden party or just simple get together at home and invite all of your mom’s friends. Make a nice fruit punch, buy chips and whip up some interesting dips. And get set party!



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