– By Soumi Dutta

Each relationship has to have some framework – each with its own set of vows and commitments, but there must be some bindings which will not be shackles, but bonds. There has to be responsibility and the sense of belonging – to be able to find out where a person will call their home. 2 minute recipes or pretty attractions lie around, ready to mess up, but if the bonds are respected, the commitments are followed without any question of doubts, if the sense of belonging is so strong that no one else is compatible with them however attractive they are, then there is no need to compromise. A relationship is about adjustment, not compromise. If the relationship is strong, it is because of both the lovers. One hand alone cannot clap. When there is only one hand, it aches as though there was no hand at all from the beginning. Love feels like a sin, the burden of which has to be carried lifelong. A relationship is like a knot, if more than one knot is tied, only the previous knot loosens. Love is freedom, but freedom is not free. A price has to be paid for love to grow – the price of unflinching devotion to the feeling, the passion and heat to see through the end and above all, the ability to give away anything and everything just to see her smile once.


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