Happy Mother’s Day: Mother’s Special

A special message from Averi Neogi for her Mother:

The best person in my life is my Mumma. She is my WORLD, my beau ideal.

I still remember my nursery days, when she used to drop me to school every morning, and as she used to turn back from the school gate, how badly I used to caterwaul. She came running to me, and taking into her arms she helped me to my class.

I used to be a notorious student, and sometimes Mumma was called by my teachers. Every time she used to hear the complaints from my teachers patiently and tried her best to make me obedient and disciplined.

I am just a fragment without her. She is my lifeline. Even my Board’s result came so good because of her support. Thoughts of leaving her anyway make me aberrant.

She is a person with refined and sociable tastes. I’ll remain beholden to her till my last breath of my life.


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