Weekend gateways near Kolkata

– By Angana Sengupta

4 days of holiday and yet you don’t know what to do?  Well I have got a solution for you. Why not just start packing your bags and leave for a short holiday and explore the nearby places of Kolkata. So what are you waiting for? Pick up your bags, tie your laces and just leave. Oh! Don’t forget your sun scream though.


If you are addicted to sea and love serenity along with it, then Mandarmani is a must go for you. 5 hours drive from Kolkata; it has emerged as a prominent weekend gateway by tourists who want to escape from the crowded cities. Mandarmani provides complete seclusion which is rare in other beaches near Kolkata like Digha or Puri. The beach is clean and is very idle. The beach resorts are well equipped with modern amenities and serve their guests well. You can enjoy your weekends in the resorts soaking the sun and enjoying the delicious sea food. The main attraction of Mandarmani is the golden beach and the peaceful ambience. The sunrise from the beach is a visual treat.

Biharinath, Bankura

Mud homes, alponas, wild boars, fox, colourful birds, flora and fauna, hill, river, lake- if you want to experience all these in just one trip then book your tickets for Biharinath which is in Bankura district. 249 kilometers from Kolkata, Biharinath can be easily reached by train till Raniganj station and then by car. It is situated between Purulia and River Damodar and is the highest hill in the Bankura district. Covered with thick forest the place offers a natural treat to the eyes. It is a mixture of adventure along with exploring the scenic beauty. The Biharinath hill is ideal for trekking and one can reach the hill top within an hour or two.  You can go for a walk with your loved ones and immerse yourself in the scenic beauty. You can also enjoy boating in the lake situated near the Biharinath Temple. The place also hosts a lot of religious fairs especially during the Shivratri and the Saraswati Puja.


If you want to stay in a dense forest of Sal and teak and spotted deer herds crossing your road every now and then, then Joypur forest is surely your next weekend destination. Joypur forest is a dense forest which extends upto 120 Kms. It has a watch tower through which one can enjoy the scenic beauty and also have a view of the spotty deer named Cheethals. You can stay in Joypur Forest resort which has its own farm, vegetable garden, a huge lake (Jheel) and is equipped with all modern facilities. If you want a complete seclusion from the city life and miss the peace then I am sure Joypur Forest will not dishearten you. It’s a must visit to rejuvenate yourself and gather all the energy for another tough and hectic week.

So what are you waiting for now? Three different places choose one and just leave on an experience of a lifetime. All these three places are cost effective and are worth your time. So give it a shot and do let us know what our experience has been like.


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