An Exclusive Chat with Malobika Banerjee,the young talent of Tollywood

From Mr.Funtoosh, Professional to Sada Canvas, Chorabali and now The Best Seller, she has shown a rapid growth in her career graph. In no time, she has proved her acting skills and made her position in the Bengali film industry. In an exclusive chat with iNTEGRiTY Magazine, Malobika Banerjee, the hot rapidly upcoming actress of Bengali movie industry shares her journey in this glamour world of Tollywood.


1. How did you get involved in acting? Did you learn acting?

Malobika: No. I never learnt acting in any school. Actually, I never wanted to be an actress . In 2007, I participated in a beauty pageant titled, Miss Kolkata Sundori and I happened to win the title. This happened at a very young age. Since then my career started.

2. Which was your first film as an actress?

Malobika: My first film was named Mr. Funtoosh. I played Prosenjit Chatterjee’s sister’s role.  My character was the second lead in that film.

3. How was your first experience? Would you like to share anything from your first shot of your life?

Malobika: Oh, yes! It is one of the memorable moments in my life. My first shot was with Bumba Da ( Prosenjit Chatterjee) , the superstar of Bengali Film Industry. I was very nervous but finally pulled it off quite well. The funny part was that in that shooting I had grown an infatuation for him, which he actually understood and very easily managed the situation. 😀

4. Till date you have done so many films, which has been your favourite character that you have performed?

Malobika: All the characters are equally important to me. But yes, in the film Sada Canvas, my character was that of a psycho girl. I had to work really hard to portray myself as a psycho girl on screen. This character is really one of my favourite characters till date.


5. Tell us about a time where you had difficulty turning yourself into a character. What was the character and why was it challenging?

Malobika: I have just finished shooting for a film called ‘Tope‘ directed by  Sri Buddhadeb Dasgupta. In that film, my character is of a documentary filmmaker. Buddha babu strictly instructed me that I have to be a smoker to give that life to my character. And, my biggest problem is I hate smoking, and can’t tolerate the smoke. But for the film I smoked for one week which was really a challenging task for me. But somehow I finally managed to do that.

6. Who is your favourite actor? What motivates you to act?

Malobika: My favourite actors are Amitabh Bachchan and Uttam Kumar. They motivate me a lot. I get inspired from both their personal and professional life. They have taught me many things. I have learnt that failure is nothing but a step forward to success. They have shown it through their careers.


7. Are you working on any current projects?

Malobika: Yes, I’m doing an Oriya film and a Bengali film right now.

8. If not an actor, what profession would you have chosen to occupy?

Malobika: I would have been a MBA or a CEO of any MNC. But, other than being an actress I have passed L.L.B. So, if I get time, I might start practicing law.

9. What have you learnt from your senior actors? Any memorable advice from anyone?

Malobika: I have learnt many things from my senior actors, good and bad both. But, I always try to take the good things.

10. What is your dream role?

Malobika: I am not sure about the dream role, but recently I have watched Tanu weds Manu Returns and I loved Kangana’s acting in that film. If given a chance,  I would like to play Kangana’s character i.e. Tanu from the film Tanu weds Manu Returns.


11. Please share a fun fact about yourself which people might not be aware of.

Malobika: Oh! I’m very scared of cats . I have a cat phobia . I’m serious about it and let me tell you it’s not funny! It’s really scary.

12. Is it a career path that you would recommend?  What advice would you give to someone aspiring to become and actor?

Malobika: Firstly, let me tell you that if someone is patient enough then only one should try for acting. Of course, talent is required but patience is very important. My dear friends if you want to be successful in a very short span of time, then this is surely not the right career for you. In this profession, you must be a warrior by nature who is always ready to fight against all odds. 🙂











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