In conversation with “Senior Inspector Daya”

He says, “I am an actor by default. It is destiny which has got me into this profession.” But, fans say, “Thank god, this was destined. Otherwise, we would have missed our hero!”You must be wondering whom am I talking about. Well, he is none other than Dayanand Shetty better know as “Senior Inspector Daya” from C.I.D. Excited? Here is an exciting interview with our very own Daya.


1. From a sportsperson, how did you come to acting?

Daya: I am a strong believer of destiny. Its destiny which takes you wherever you want to. You might plan a lot of things in life that never happens. A person who wants to be a doctor might become a businessman or may be something else. So, its destiny who takes you to places and that is how I have landed into acting. My father and I, both were into sports. He was into weightlifting and I was into athletics. But finally I landed up here, my father turned into a businessman. So, destiny takes you where you are supposed to be.

2. How was your first shot?

Daya: The first day of shooting was quite jittery. As usual, any actor would be having butterflies in his stomach and I too had the same feeling. I was quite nervous. Working with Mr. B.P.Singh over then as a director and to face his camera was quite difficult, but things went on quite smoothly and he was happy with the shot and in one take it was ok. I was quite elated and happy with the way things went on.

Aditya Srivastava and Dayanand Shetty.JPG
Dayanand Shetty with his co-actor, Aditya Srivastava


3. You are not there on any social media or social platform. What is the reason behind this?

Daya: Actually, I am not a social person. I don’t socialise much. Even any functions or any parties, I try to avoid. It’s like we shoot for 30 days, by the end of the day, when I pack up all I want to do is go home, relax and just go to sleep. Other than that nothing comes to my mind. So, I don’t socialise much and hence I am not there on any social media as well.

4. You have a huge fan following. Don’t you think that you should give a chance to your fans to communicate or be in touch with you ?

Daya: Ya, I know. Whatever we have, whatever we are doing till date it’s all because of them. They have been watching our show and admiring our show. Without them this shouldn’t have been possible. We keep shooting outdoors a lot; we keep going to different cities where we shoot a lot of outdoors when we come in direct contact with our fans. I think instead of having a fake account and having fake people around it’s better to meet our fans at a personal level. So, we make it a point to go outdoors and shoot and meet as many people as possible.

A still from the television series, CID

5. On-screen Daya is very rough and tough, violent , but how is Daya in real life?

Daya: I don’t believe in violence. I am a very soft-hearted person.  I like people who are straight forward, who speak the truth and don’t beat around the bush. I prefer people who directly come to the point and say what they want to. My outer appearance may be quite hard, like a coconut but I am a very sensitive person, quite emotional at heart. That’s the way I am.

6. What will be your message for the kids and youngsters who aspire to be like you in real life and join C.I.D?

Daya: i  would say that be true to yourselves and whatever you are doing give your 100%. Be the best in what you are doing. Always be sincere to yourself, love your parents, and rest will be taken care of. God is great, he guides you, he is the man who manipulates everything in our life. We think that we do a lot of things but that’s wrong. It is the Almighty who runs things for us. Have a clean heart, clean intention; everything will fall in its place. May be slightly later for some people, but you will get what you deserve.

post_1296302152 (1)
Daya in Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa, Season 4

7. What do you feel when you see numerous online jokes about your character, other characters like ACP Pradyuman, Abhijeet and also about the show in general?

Daya: When it comes to all these jokes, see we have jokes about Rajinikanth as well. He is one of the most popular actors in our country, one of the biggest stars you can say. So people who are popular, who are known, who are accomplished, you make jokes on them. That’s fine. I mean they take that much effort to make jokes on us, they are investing that much time on us, be happy about it. I am happy that it is done.


8. Did you ever imagine that the character of Daya would become such an iconic one?

Daya: No, actually nobody imagined that this show will come this long. Nobody knew. Nobody imagined that Daya will be one of the ethical parts of this show. Nobody thought that this would happen but this happened. That’s destiny. I strongly believe in destiny. This show or the character wherever it’s supposed to reach, will reach, nobody can stop it. And also it exists just because of all the good fans and viewers who have been watching this show for quite some time and we have audience who are very proud of our show. Everybody appreciates this show in spite of all the drawbacks. There are a lot of drawbacks in this show, in spite of that they love this show, they watch this show, they love the characters, so we feel blessed. Because children if they love something I think that’s what is important and C.I.D is popular because of them.


9. C.I.D is there in the Guinness Book of World Records for one single shot. Would you like to share your experience with us?

Daya: It was a wonderful experience that we have. The irony is that after achieving this we have to tell people that we have achieved something like this. So, I think that there is some problem with the production house that didn’t actually circulate this well in the media. Otherwise have this been a Balaji show and had C.I.D been a Balaji show, this thing which we achieved would have been a negative thing. Here in India also, we have to tell people, that we have achieved this.  We shot the one single episode which was 111 minutes which is in the Guinness Book of World Records.  But people just don’t know about it. So, I think somewhere the propagation of this whole things wasn’t that good from the production house otherwise this is something that everybody should know.

10. Apart from C.I.D we have seen you acting in different theatres and a couple of films as well. When can we expect to see you in a film next?

Daya: That is again destiny. If I get something good so that I sacrifice the work in C.I.D and try to do something else, I will do that. But as of now, I haven’t come across something which is more lucrative or more interesting for me to do than C.I.D. So right now, I am investing most of my time in C.I.D and when time comes, when offer comes, if I get a proper character which is more attractive I will definitely do it.

A still from the film, Singham Returns

11. C.I.D itself has become a brand now. So how do you feel being associated with such a big and successful show?

Daya: When you talk about this, I realise that yes it is a very successful show. But now the problem with us is that we don’t get enough time to ponder about us. May be tomorrow when the show comes to an end maybe I can sit back and think about this, that it was such a big show. Right now, we are so busy with our shooting that we don’t have time to think about this. It’s only when someone asks us then only we realise that yes, it has been 19 years and it’s the longest running television series in India.

12. What is your message for your fans?

Daya: Keep watching C.I.D, you have made this show what it is and it was a wonderful  span of 19 years that we have shared with you.  We hope to share many more years with our fans of different age groups. Some who grew up watching C.I.D got married and have kids and their kids are watching C.I.D now. So keep showing your love and keep watching C.I.D. God bless you! 🙂

From right: Daya, ACP Pradyuman and Abhijeet in CID

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