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Bengal beyond ‘Rosogolla’: Top 10 most popular Bengali sweets

Written by: Samhati Bhattacharjya

Source: Pixabay

Bengal is known for its rich culture, traditions and especially for its finest delectable delicacies, which obviously includes the huge variety of sweets. However, despite having so many varieties of desserts, the image of Bengali sweets is stuck at Rosogolla, Mishti Doi and Sondesh. This is exactly why, we have decided to list down the top 10 popular and most delicious Bengali sweets that one should try apart from Rosogolla and Mishti Doi. Moreover, Durga Puja is just round the corner and it would be the perfect timing to indulge into some sinfully delicious treats.

1. Kheer Kadam

Source: MixandStir

Kheer Kadam is made by encasing a dry rasgulla or rosogolla (smaller than the usual one), coated first with khoya, which is then dusted with grated dried khoya. It has got its name after Kadamba, a ball-shaped flower with tiny white petals that point in all directions. One can simply pop the whole sweet at one go and relish the taste of both khoya and rosogolla simultaneously.

2. Sita Bhog

Source: Google

Sita Bhog has mass appeal all over India and that itself boasts how amazing this sweet is. This milk based dish resembles rice vermicelli served with tiny balls of gulab jamun that will easily melt in your mouth. Not convinced? Trust me, you’ve to try it to believe it.

3. Mihidana


Mihidana is often referred to as the micro-cousin of the traditional Boondi. It is derived from two separate words: ‘Mihi’ meaning ‘fine’ and ‘Dana’ meaning grain. The light golden colour of Mihidana will make your heart melt, just like that.

4. Labanga Latika

Source: BongCook
Labanga Latika is the hallmark of Bengali tradition. This sweet is made up of khoya, maida, grated coconut, cardamom, ghee and nuts and it’s artfully folded into an envelope shape and sealed with a clove. Later, it is fried in ghee, and soaked in thick sugar syrup to give that extra edge of sweetness to it.

5. Chhanar Jilipi

Source: GoBengal

This deep fried sweet is made of paneer, khoya and maida and soaked in sugar syrup (flavoured with cardamom). Chhanar Jilipi tastes the best if served warm after heating it for a few seconds.

6. Shorbhaja

Source: Google

Most people have immense love for deep fried sweets, and when it comes to Shorbhaja, sweet lovers simply can’t resist it. Shorbhaja is entirely from condensed milk which has been deep fried. Its preparation is a tedious process but the final result is absolutely worth the effort.

7. Patishapta

Source: Google

Patishapta, also known as crepes or ‘pitha’,  is the most popular among all the pithas. It’s actually a rice flour crepe with coconut and jaggery fillings. Patishapta is preserved for Makar Sankranti, and is always made at home. The delicious softness of the crepe and the sweet filling inside makes it one of the best things that you’ll ever have. In some cases, Patishaptas are also served with a bit of sweet thickened milk on top of the roll, making it super yummy.

8. Pantua

Source: MixandStir
Pantua is very similar to Gulab Jamun. The delicious and heart-warmingly rich paste is made from khoya, channa and flour, which is later made into many medium-sized balls that are deep fried, soaked in sugar syrup and then flavored by cardamom.

9. Langcha

Source: MixandStir
Langcha belongs to the same family of Pantua, the only difference is that the former is cylindrical and latter is circular in shape. To be true to this sweet, you have to call it Shaktigarh-er Langcha, because it’s credited to have originated from this town in Burdwan district of West Bengal. Coming to its taste, this langcha is super delicious.

10. Joynogorer Moa

Source: BongHaat

This sweet is made from date palm jaggery, puffed rice and clarified butter (ghee), and cardamom. Moa is particularly available in winter because both the puffed rice and the jaggery belong to that season. However, nowadays these are also available during Durga Puja. Joynogorer Moa is often topped with a raisin or two that adds on to the flavor of this sweet ball.


Top 10 pocket-friendly eateries in Bengaluru

Written by: Abhishek Roy Choudhury

In an expensive city like Bengaluru, value-for-money becomes the key factor for everyone and the smart working professionals of the city know what they want; even in case of food. Visiting expensive restaurants is not possible all the time, so people look out for the cheapest option available. So keeping with that theme, here’s presenting a list of 10 affordable restaurants in Bangalore where you can get food at a minimal cost and the quantity will be more than your tummy could digest.

1. Khawa Karpo Restaurant, Koramangala

Situated in the heart of Koramangala, this place would give you true value for your money. For people who love thukpa, Khawa Karpo is the perfect place for them. Besides thukpa, its momos and noodles are also mouth-watering. The ambience of the restaurant is decent and so is its price.

Type of food: Non-Veg

Zomato rating – 4.0/5

Google rating – 4.3/5

Facebook Rating – 4.2/5

Cost for two – Rs.250 (approx.)

Address – H No 50/1, Ground Floor, JyotiNivas College Road, Koramangala Industrial Layout, Koramangala, Bengaluru, Karnataka  – 560095

2. Axomi – Taste of Assam, Koramangala

With lots of people coming down to Bengaluru from Assam, there has been a steady increase in demand for their authentic food. Axomi is one of the best places, where this need can be fulfilled at a minimal price.

Type of food: Non-Veg

Zomato rating – 3.7/5

Google rating – 3.8/5

Facebook Rating – 4.2/5

Cost for two – Rs.300 (approx.)

Address – No. 360, 1st Main Rd, 7th Block, Koramangala, Bengaluru, Karnataka – 560095

3. Royal Calcutta, Koramangala

A casual dining restaurant in Koramangala serving authentic Bengali food at a low price is a big relief to all the Bengalis residing in Bengaluru. Availability of mostly all types of Bengali dishes make this place a must visit for all you Bengalis out there.

Type of food: Non-Veg

Zomato rating – 3.2/5

Google rating – 3.6/5

Cost for two – Rs.250 (approx.)

Address – 54, 1st Main Cross, Janatha Colony, Jakkasandra, 1st Block Koramangala, Koramangala, Bengaluru, Karnataka – 560034

4. Peace Restaurant, Koramangala / Shanthi Nagar

Peace is a tiny quintessential pocket friendly restaurant in Koramangala / Shanthi Nagar that serves nice Chinese and Tibetan food. If at Peace, one should surely try out its momos, dumplings, and thukpa.

Type of food: Non-Veg

Zomato rating – 4.0/5

Google rating – 4.3/5

Cost for two – Rs.250 (approx.)

Address – H No 50/1, Ground Floor, JyotiNivas College Road, Koramangala Industrial Layout, Bengaluru, Karnataka – 560095

5. Shivaji Military Hotel, Jayanagar

Want to have a taste of the best traditionally made South Indian biriyani? Then, Shivaji Military Hotel is the place you should opt for. They serve one of the best biriyanis in Bengaluru.

Type of food: Non-Veg

Zomato rating – 4.1/5

Google rating – 4.1/5

Cost for two – Rs.300 (approx.)

Address – No. 718, 1st C Main Road, 45th Cross, Jayanagar 8th Block, Bengaluru, Karnataka – 560082

6. Prems Graama Bhojanam, Jayanagar

This is a perfect place for all those health conscious people, who are looking for a dig at some yummy South Indian delicacies. The eatery also serves some pocket-friendly meals that would surely suffice your hunger with utmost satisfaction.

Type of food: Veg

Zomato rating – 4.4/5

Google rating – 4.4/5

Cost for two – Rs.300 (approx.)

Address – #234, 2nd main, 32nd ‘A’ cross, 7th block, Jayanagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka – 560082

7. Khana Khazana Xpress, Yelahanka

Treat your taste buds with some authentic Rajasthani, Punjabi and Gujrati food amid your hectic life in the IT hub at a reasonable price. The homely atmosphere of Khana Khazana Xpress would surely give you and your family a sense of comfort and happiness.

Type of food: Non-Veg

Zomato rating – 3.7/5

Google rating – 4.6/5

Cost for two – Rs.300 (approx.)

Address – Next to Honda showroom, SH 9, 560065, Ambedkar Colony, Yelahanka, Bengaluru, Karnataka – 560065

8. Taaza Thindi, Jayanagar

Looking for an affordable place to have dosa and idli? Then Taaza Thindi is the right place for you. The restaurant has a limited menu, but the service and taste of the food makes up for it.

Type of food: Veg

Zomato rating – 4.9/5

Google rating – 4.7/5

Cost for two – Rs.150 (approx.)

Address – 1004, Main road, Jayanagar 4T Block, Bengaluru, Karnataka – 560041

9. Phulke Gharke, Bellandur

All you vegetarians out there must be thinking that there isn’t any pocket-friendly eatery for you right? Not to get disheartened. Phulke Gharke is a place, where you can get all the delicious vegetarian North Indian dishes at a reasonable price.

Type of food: Veg

Zomato rating – 3.7/5

Google rating – 4.0/5

Cost for two – Rs.300 (approx.)

Address – 18/1, HMR Complex, Next to mahaganapathi temple, Bellandur, Bengaluru, Karnataka – 560103

10. Kabab Magic, Maruthi Nagar / HSR Layout

The place remains crowded at any given hour, because of its kababs. At the same time, they have some mouth-watering shawarmas, along with a wide range of biriyani meals. Apart from these, Kabab Magic also offers Chinese cuisine for its customers.

Type of food: Non-Veg

Zomato rating – 3.4/5

Google rating – 3.9/5

Cost for two – Rs.300 (approx)

Address – 53-54, 3rd Cross Rd, Zuzuvadi, 1st Stage, BTM Layout 1, Bengaluru, Karnataka – 560068



Mumbai Street Food – Where there is a street, there is food!

– By Garima Jayaswal

Mumbai food is just like their people are, unique and diverse in every manner. Thousands of people come to Mumbai almost every day from all corners of the country with nothing but dreams and hopes to make it big in the city. This city embraces each and everyone with warmth and accepts each one with its history, tradition and culture, which very seamlessly blends in with the existing culture and in time becomes a part of it. This is what makes the city so beautiful; this is why the city is a cosmopolitan in its truest sense. The history of food in Mumbai is closely linked to the growth of this city from fishing village to the grand mega polis it is today. As wave after wave of immigrants from all over the country came with dreams of gold in their eyes, they brought their culinary treasures with them. The result? A smorgasbord of cooking styles and street food that reflects the cosmopolitanism as much as the carbohydrate-fuelled work ethic.

Here goes a list of Foods that define Mumbai’s food culture, with Muslim, Gujarati, Goon, Coastal, South Indian, Paris and of course local Maharashtrian influences, with a hint of the global taka here and there.

1) Batata Vada – Whether it’s for breakfast, tea-time, or anytime, one thing is for sure, Mumbaikars can’t live without the Batata Vada bite. This well-liked fast food dumpling is made by mashing boiled potatoes with green chilies, ginger, garlic, lime juice, turmeric, and fresh coriander, then dipped in a besan (gram flour) batter and deep-fried. It’s served either with green chutney or fried green chillies.


2) Pav Bhaji – This specialty dish from the by-lanes of Mumbai has mashed steamed mixed vegetables (mainly potatoes, peas, tomatoes, onions and green pepper) cooked in spices and loads of butter. It is eaten with pav, which is shallow fried in even more butter and served with chopped onions. Sometimes cheese and paneer (cottage cheese) are added. People from all over India come to Mumbai to eat pav bhaji.


3) Missal Pav –  Quintessentially from Pune, this rustic dish is made from a mix of curried sprouted lentils, topped with batata (potato) bhaji, poha (rice flakes), chivda, farsan, raw chopped onions and tomato. This hot and spicy dish is eaten with pav bread. To cut the fire, add some yogurt.


4) Frankie – Inspired by the Lebanese pita bread wrap and suitably Indianized, the Frankie, or should I say the Tibbs Frankie, has satiated hordes of the hungry in search of a quick lip-smacking snack. Basically, it’s a juicy naan bread with an egg coating and stuffed with mutton or chicken, rolled up and sprinkled with a unique masala that gives it its special flavour. The vegetarian option does not use eggs and the stuffing’s include paneer or potatoes.


5) Bhel Puri – The most commonly sold chaat on the streets of Mumbai, every bhel walla will have his own matchless blend and a considerable 7pm fan following. While the ingredients remain the same, it is the proportions in which they are thrown together on the street side that makes the difference.


6) Brun Maska – You may wonder how bread and butter can become such an iconic union.  Its  brun or gutli pao — a local bread that is unique to Mumbai — and it’s crisp and hard and crumbly on the outside and soft inside. The Brun is then sliced and lashings of butter are applied lavishly.  It is usually accompanied by the sweet Irani chai. Dipping the brun maska in the chai is the only way to eat it.


7) The Bombay Sandwich – This street side invention is a combination of the most unlikely ingredients. Lavishly buttered white bread and sandwiched between them thin slices of beetroot, boiled potatoes, cucumbers, tomatoes, onion rings, and mint chutney. Cut into four triangles so that you can handle all the layers without spilling them, you get the most refreshing tangy taste, after each bite.


8) Ragda Pattice – This twin delight is a combination of ragda, soft spicy rugged flavored chickpeas, and pattice, mashed potatoes shaped into fat patties and fried. The ideal way is to eat it is to crush the ragda with the pattice and pile on the accompaniments — finely chopped onions, tangy tamarind sauce and fiery green chutney. Mash it all up and dig in for the true flavour of Mumbai.


9) Kheema Pav – Minced mutton cooked with onions, garlic, tomatoes, chillies and spices takes on many avatars here. In its original form, it is referred to as plain Kheema. Topped with a crisply fried sunny side up egg, it is called kheema single fry. And scrambled with eggs, it is called glottal. And all three are best eaten with Mumbai’s signature pav bread bun. Traditionally a breakfast dish, it is now eaten at all times of the day or night.


10) Prawns Koliwada – Contrary to popular belief that this dish originated on the Konkan coast, it is actually a very Mumbai dish and the story goes that it was created in the Sion fishing village, or Koliwada. These deep-fried prawns marinated in a batter of flour, spices and ginger garlic paste can be identified by their signature red colour. And they are crunchy yet melt in the mouth. Pick the smaller sized prawns, they taste better.


List of 10 popular food items of Kolkata by Samhati Bhattacharjya

Kolkata can be termed as “The Paradise of Food”. You must be wondering why am I saying this. This is because, Kolkata is a city where you can get all the different types of food, you name it and you will get it. But, here is a list of ten popular food items of Kolkata which one must surely try when he visits this place.

1. Rosogolla


I am sure that you have heard about rasgullas all your life. But, if you are in Kolkata and you haven’t had roshogollas in Kolkata, then what’s the point?

2. Phuchka


These tiny water-bombs with spice and masala dipped in tetul-jol, called phuchka, are probably the cheapest, yet filling item you can find on the streets of Kolkata. You might think you’ll stop after having 4 but once you start, it is that difficult to leave it.

3. Fish Fry

Das Vegetarier-Schnitzel

A fish fry is a kind of dish containing battered or breaded fried fish. It is generally served with kashundi (mustard sauce) or tomato sauce. It is really mouth-watering!

4. Ghugni


If it’s evening time and you are hungry, then you must try this famous evening snack called ghugni. This is one of the yummy street foods of Kolkata consisting dried yellow peas or dried white peas with gravy.

5. Telebhaja


This is the perfect snack with cha ranging from peyaji, alu’r chop, beguni, phuluri, bandhakopir chop to a variety of crunchy, besan (corn-flour) covered street food! Only one is just not enough, you have to try them all.

6. Moghlai Paratha


Moghlai porota are the deep fried parathas stuffed with egg and minced meat generally served with mouth-watering, tasty gravy with juicy pieces of meat, what we call as kasha mangsho is every meat lover’s paradise.

7. Jhalmuri


Muri (puffed rice) mixed with mustard oil, onion, coconut, peanuts, coriander and other spices is termed as jhalmuri. It is an appetizing snack common in every street-corner of Kolkata.

8. Kolkatar Biriyani

Many people wonder what is so special about Kolkatar Biriyani! Well, if you are not a bong it’s a bit difficult for you to understand the speciality.


A unique smell of desi ghee mixed with rich masalas and spices along with juicy, tender pieces of mutton, potato and boiled egg cooked in rice and tava, is what we call as Kolkatar Biriyani. But, people who are still not convinced should taste it, in order to believe it.

9. Karaishutir Kachuri


Karaishutir kachuri is one of the popular dishes of Kolkata. These are fried, peas-stuffed puris. These are often served with tasty and spicy alur dom.

10. Mishti Doi


This mishti doi is a perfect blend of milk and sugar, which can beat any sort of frozen yogurt one can ever have.